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Three NC nonprofits awarded grants in Local Foundation's Q2 grant period

May 20, 2022

Catherine McDowell

Local Foundation of NC has stepped in just at the right moment. This changes everything for us. Their hearts are amazing to come out and help us in this manner. Just makes the lives for so many more women accessible, so quickly. And we often say sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But help from the Foundation is going to make things happen so quickly here. And we're so grateful and thankful for that.

Donna Carrington

I think one of the things we're always trying to do is grow. So we're trying to be very intentional about the work we do, starting new programs, continuing new programs, making sure that we're doing what members want. And with this money, we'll be able to be more conscious about doing those things in the right ways. CEF really appreciates the Local Foundation for this grant. We're always really happy to know that people support the work we're doing. It's pretty unusual. So when people are like, yes, we want to put money towards it, we're like, wow, that means we're doing the right things. So we really appreciate it.

Dallas Bonavita

The grant funding is going to help us maximize this new location so that we can reach more children and families in a much quicker pace and increase the number of children served in each municipality of Wake County over the next several years. We really want to thank Local Foundation for this wonderful grant that is going to allow us to serve children and families with dignity and love.


Local Foundation of NC is pleased to announce three North Carolina nonprofits as our community grant recipients: Roots of Recovery, Community Empowerment Fund, and Note in the Pocket.

Each of these organizations has made a profound impact in the communities they serve. Local Foundation is proud to award each nonprofit $25,000 to help them reach their goals in meeting the needs of their community members.

Roots of Recovery

Roots of Recovery provides long-term housing, job training, life skills, mental and physical health programs, and well-being initiatives for women and women with children who have been impacted by drug addiction. The organization’s helpful resources and nurturing environment enables women in recovery to raise their children in safety and rebuild their lives. Roots of Recovery will use the funds awarded by Local Foundation to advance its housing efforts, including the continued development of a tiny home community, enhance educational programming, and help with the expansion of its community garden.

Community Empowerment Fund

Community Empowerment Fund (CEF) is working to end the racial wealth gap by supporting individuals in Durham and Orange counties in reaching their employment, housing and financial goals. CEF’s approach combines person-centered support with advocacy and financial services that pursue equity. The organization is grounded in recognition of the detrimental impacts of systemic racism on Black and Brown community members and values the leadership of people with lived experiences with homelessness and poverty. CEF will use the funds awarded by Local Foundation to provide financial support to its over 3,000 members through savings programs and fund-matching initiatives.

Note in the Pocket

Note in the Pocket provides clothing to students identified as being in need by various schools and social service agencies. Its clothing assistance program works to build confidence in children and help them be prepared for educational success. In 2020, the organization’s extensive partnership network and delivery system was used to expedite the delivery of mini wardrobes across all twelve municipalities in Wake County. The organization plans to expand into Durham County later this year and the entire Triangle region by 2023. Note in the Pocket will use the funds awarded by the Local Foundation to purchase new clothing items, supplies for its distribution facility, and upgraded software for its new online inventory system.

Interested in applying for a grant? The next grant period will begin June 1, 2022.

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